Dad ‘living in fear’ after savage bulldog attack which killed his beloved pooch

A pet owner whose much-loved German Shepherd was killed by an “out-of-control” American Bulldog fears it could attack again.

Paul Haworth’s says his dog Max was savaged by a large ginger canine in Chester-le-Street, County Durham and had to be put down because the injuries were so severe.

The 32-year-old, devastated to lose “his best friend”, has slammed the police, saying it took them three days to get back to him after he reported the incident and says nothing has been done to stop a further attack.

He told the Northern Echo : “I am really not happy about it. I can’t do anything to help Max now. But it is the holiday and that area gets full of children. It’s packed with kids.

“I’m really quite stressed about it. Not because I have lost my best friend, but that dog could attack someone again.”

Paul was walking Max in Cong Burn at around 7.50am on Tuesday, July 26, when the incident happened.

He says Max had protected him from the other dog, which he believes is an American Bulldog, but as a result the dog went for Max instead.

Paul was able to pull the two apart, but the bulldog attacked Max again, this time breaking his leg.

Paul rushed Max to the vets, where it was discovered he had a severely broken leg, with crush, compound and spiral fractures, and puncture wounds. As a result, he was sadly put down.

The family, which includes kids, Olivia, six, and Shaun, four, were heartbroken.

A Durham Police spokesperson said: “This incident was reported to us on July 26. A number of witnesses, including the woman who was involved in the incident, have come forward and our enquiries are continuing.”

Meanwhile young girl underwent surgery after being the victim of a brutal dog attack outside a primary school on Wednesday last week.

The 12-year-old sustained injuries after she and her dog were attacked by two other canines outside a primary schoo on Wednesday.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital with minor injuries to her upper and lower body but in an overall stable condition.

Her dad thanked a man named Mick Garratt, an off duty paramedic who helped treat the girl’s wounds before the ambulance arrived.

Referring to Mr Garratt, the father wrote, “I owe you a beer,” on social media.

According to his Facebook post, doctors operated on the youngster.

Another good samaritan rushed the family’s dog to the vet after it sustained life-threatening injuries in the attack in Melbourne, Australia.

Thankfully the pooch survived after a six-hour long surgery.