Rescue worker’s heartbreaking letter to puppy who died reduces people to tears

Dogs sadly pass away in rescue centres every single day before they’ve even have a chance to find loving homes.

One rescue worker has shared the devastating reality of losing a puppy that had such a huge impact on her life.

Megan Hogg, who cares for the abandoned and unwanted animals at South East Dog Rescue (SEDR), wrote an emotional letter to late dog named Connie.

Weighing just 1kg, Connie was extremely malnourished and covered in fleas when she was found abandoned under a bush in a car park.

The poorly pup suffered serious health issues and despite specialist vets trying their hardest to save her, she passed away in intensive care after 12 days.

Megan dedicated a touching video to Connie on Facebook, writing: “Our bravest Connie… In just 12 days, you captured the hearts of so many people who loved you and stood by your side, from afar, willing you to pull through.

“Everyone involved in your care did their utmost to save your life, and showed you something we know you never knew before… LOVE.

“You deserved a million times more than your life before you came to us.

“We tried EVERYTHING to save you, and we are heartbroken that we couldn’t.

“We need you to know that YOUR LIFE MATTERED and that if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

“You were simply too good for this world. Your memory will live on in our hearts and in our work, saving more dogs who also didn’t know love before arriving to SEDR.

“For you, and all the others like you, we will never give up. We love you now and always.”

The post reached almost a thousand dog lovers, with more than 100 comments flooded with condolences and sweet messages.

“My heart breaks you did not make it. Beautiful Connie rest in peace. You were loved by all of us,” someone said.

“That made me teary. Bless her little heart. She tried so hard to stay. I’m so glad she was found and cared for, so she knew she was loved,” another wrote.

Charity founder Kymm White told The Mirror : “In just 12 days, Connie received more love, more support and well wishes from our social media following than we could ever have imagined.

“Everyone was willing her to survive, proving that no matter how awful her start in life was, despite being abandoned like garbage, her life mattered.

“Connie will never be forgotten and we are now in the early stages of setting up a fund in her memory to help more dogs like her.

“It’s focus will be neutering to help stop the endless cycle of breeding and to support dog owners experiencing financial hardship.

“Rescue centres across the UK are in crisis due to the amount of dogs being abandoned and surrendered.

“Now is the time to head to your supported rescue and foster, adopt, volunteer or donate. We cannot do what we do without your support.”