Chopping Onion in Less Than 30 Seconds

Cooking can be fun, but preparations for any dish are a big hassle for many. Cutting, boiling, and peeling vegetables and other ingredients could be a bit hectic. Chopping onions is one of the most challenging tasks. We always look for some tricks that could make chopping onions a bit easier. Chopping onions becomes annoying as it causes irritation in eyes and tears roll down.

However, a recent video showing a simple hack is circulating on the internet and it has taken many by surprise. The life-changing hack has been shared on Instagram, and it has gone viral within no time. This chopping technique video is not just a time saver but also gives an excellent result.

Cookbook author and nutritionist Melanie Lionello has shared this hack video on Instagram. In the clip, we can see how she chopped the onion by keeping the roots intact. Then she flipped it upside down and used a chef’s knife to cut it edgewise. Then Melanie put it sideways and finely chopped the onion in minutes. It took her just 30 seconds to chop it. Sharing the video the chef wrote, “This hack is going to save so many tears! This is how you dice a whole onion in less than 30 seconds. Tell me I am not the only one who is just learning this technique!”

Seeing the video many users started commenting. One of the users wrote, “ That’s awesome. No, I didn’t know either.” And few others also agreed to it. This video has totally surprised the viewers and the clip has garnered 14 million views.

Just watch this video once and you would no more complain about chopping onions in the kitchen.